Battling Acne: A Personal Tale of Treatment and Trials


Acne is a normal, although profoundly personal, typical problem in the lives of many. The path to clear skin often includes several miles of trial and error and surprises. Through sharing my experience, a better understanding may be brought to the matters surrounding acne and the importance of making informed decisions when venturing into medical aesthetics.


Acne has been with me since I was 11 years old. After some time, I tried several natural treatments, such as fruit diets. Unfortunately, the situation did not bear a lasting solution. This journey made me follow misleading information on seeking professional help.

SeekingProfessional Help

Never before have I let anyone else mess with my acne-prone skin, and the notion of a medical aesthetician treating it was pretty scary. This year, I decided to face this fear. After some research via Instagram, I finally found an aesthetician whose reviews looked good. It had started with me expressing my apprehension even before the treatment started that it was something new to me and, therefore, I would leave everything to her.

The Treatment Experience

Unfortunately, these treatments seemed to worsen my skin problems more than I expected. I had to motivate myself to proceed despite the weather changing from bad to worse. Microneedling was introduced as a resolving aspect at this time. Assured by friends' compliments and an aesthetician who persuaded me that it was worth a try, I was permitted to go ahead, optimistic but oblivious to the consequences that awaited me.

Adverse Outcomes

After microneedling, now that my adventure was over, my issues seemed to worsen at an extravagant speed and to extents unimaginable. This was unfamiliar territory, even to my face, that once was familiar to me as it had become alien, with severe eruptions that I surmised as an attack of some kind of fungal infection. Little did doctors and dermatologists find support for this hypothesis because they were just as puzzled at the severity of my condition. The following physical symptoms are quite alarming: swollen glands, constant fiery skin paresthesia, and the most severe acne breakout that I have ever felt in my life, characterized by tiny bumps and painful cysts.

Reflection and Warning

In retrospect, my regret lay in not having been more rigorous in research and the choice of not leaving my skin to its natural course. This ordeal has been a painful reminder of the relevance of extensive research and careful choices that one needs to make regarding medical aesthetic procedures. I want to conclude that one should not refrain from taking treatments for acne but go for them vigilantly and take the information related to positive results and potential risk factors.


This has been such a tremendous learning and full of warnings. It underscores the criticality of being informed and cautious, especially in matters as sensitive as skincare. I sincerely desire that such personal story-sharing can help people treat acne or other skin disorders, care for them, and show new knowledge and awareness of their options.